Double-decker SketchPost n. 2


Time for evolution? That seems to be the problem for this little fella up here, don’t know what kind of creature is it just let the pencil go, that’s pencil and white marker on sketchbook. Good view of the sunset on the Tam from the bus, also watching some trees I’d love to paint someday!

Please enjoy the sketch and.. comments r always welcome!


2 thoughts on “Double-decker SketchPost n. 2

  1. I like him! You’re very talented. I have a hard time straying from realism, so I appreciate your style. I have a few ideas that i might try eventually…. Thanks for posting, my ideas my come to fruition sooner because you have inspired me :D

  2. Hi, thanks a lot! Glad to have inspired you! Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! I think I’ll post some other frenzy drawings in the next days!^__^

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