Dario Fo Sculpting!

Hi folks! Has been a while since my last update so here we go! An unusual kind of post for me ’cause today I’ve found a file of an old work that I did something like 3 years ago when I was 20, ahah it’s really strange to look at it again ’cause I didn’t even remember this model. This is a sculpture of Dario Fo, an Italian comedian and Nobel prize in literature, he’s one of my favourite comedian ever but I didn’t have great references to do it so I basically looked at different photos and guessed volumes and line and so on.

It’s done in Mudbox v1.0 or 1.6 (I don’t remember exactly, anyways one of the first release of it and it wasn’t an autodesk brand yet) then I’ve passed it into the 2009 autodesk version and rendered using the real time render and some filters just for old time sake. Back then it was so cool modeling with this program.. way better then z-brush because of its simplicity and its fluid UI, surely not as powerful as z-brush up until that point but still there was everything a modeller could ask for (symmetry selection, isolation mode, masking etc…) and a great deal of fun!

So, I opened it and started doing this head just to have fun, then I lost completely awareness of space and time kept working for an entire night to come up with it.

I really really hope you guys like it, aloha!

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