Portraits Sketches MASHup!

Hello Folks!

Here’s some christmas goodies for you all ! Just some Sketches, hope you’ll like them.

Have also a Happy New Year

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Little Big Planet – Knights Of Old Stickers !

Hello folks!

I can finally post some of the work that I did for the Playstation Vita title “Little Big Planet“, just come out in the stores! The game’s reviews have been great so far, 9 out of 10 on IGN! Here’s the Video Review, so I’m very proud of my little contribution to it.

Here’s a close up, these are part of what I called Jeans Castles, as you guys know you can split all the stickers in various parts flip and mix them up as you like to customise the game’s levels, so I designed them to be useful and fun as well. Hope you all dig!


Movement Of Dreams – Experimental Video Portrait –


This started out as an experiment – experimental video portrait painting – and a challenge with myself to create in a different way, which soon after I began, became much more than that to me. What you see is the portrait that I painted with my tablet and then after that I animated every brush stroke as if he was in a sort of limbo or other dimension, trying to depict his essence also through the movement of the brush strokes.


– WaterLady – Media Experimentation Frenziness –

Hello Folks !

Here’s a watercolour and gouache portrait that I’ve just done, I used gouache just for the highlights on her hair. Then I passed it on photoshop just to modify the right eye in a more essential way, so that’s the whole, weird process that I used.