Crystal Quartz Nano Suit

Crystal Quartz Nano Suit Machine - Personal Project-

Crystal Quartz Nano Suit

This Nano Machine Suit uses mineral Crystal Quartz and human’s genetic codes to generate an impenetrable armour upon a soldier’s body.
Inspired by Kuciara’s work, I thought to give a go to modo’s replicator system.

This took me 3 days of work overall which included learning how to use replicators, concepting the idea and creating the photorealistic final image.


Hello Folks!

So here’s a new concept that I’ve done imagining a post apocalyptic world where few of the remaining people are trying to leave the heart to find solace in another world. Here they are trying to escape with an old space vehicle they just repaired.

I built everything out with a 3d render in maya to be faster and more accurate with my perspective, then added photos and textures to get a more realistic finish.