Hello Folks!

For this work I decided to start from a quick blockmesh I did in maya, in about 20 min, then I passed it in photoshop, did some photo bashing and overpainting, developed the design of the scene further whilst keeping the basic foundations of the mesh, it was quite fun.

I decided to leave some tiny parts as pure paint strokes I thought it’d create some interesting contrasts, btw the name of this samurai is Pettirosso. Why? He can fly. 



Good News!

Hey guys, how is it going? I have just published my first tutorial on-line, I was so excited about that, I feel a lot more professional now I gotta say, a very very interesting experience indeed, just seeing your work throughout again from another perspective… I think is a really good exercise that helps you imagining new ways to develop your ideas. Anyways, enough talking!

Here’s the link to it, hope you’ll find it helpfull (I put some technical tips too) !