The Wizard & The Castle

Hello Folks

Here’s something new, it’s a scene for a personal project of mine featuring a curious wizard which wonders inside a castle in search of secret and mysterious magical objects..!


STRUNG UP! – Visual Development

Hello again Folks!

Here’s a series of visual development work I did for another videogame project for iOS and Android, the theme was wooden toon world. ( Environment and Character designs are also done by me )

Cut the World. Stitch it back up. Escape in one piece.

If you want to know more about it go to the Headstrong Studio website:

Headstrong-games – Strung-up!


Little Sailor – Watercolour Character Design –

Hello Folks!

Here’s a character I created with my watercolours for a series of visual development work I’m gonna do in the next few days, they’ll take place in a mysterious seaside town..!

Hope you like it



Mythological Anatomy

Hi there! This is basically my take on what I call mythological anatomy, I experimented a bit with shapes and volumes, I made those sketches with an old black marker that I bought a while ago and I had almost forgotten to have, that marker is really cool ’cause has a double tip, one on each side, one is really thin to detail and the other is bigger. ( btw: the first image represent a god and I’ve used a black pen too, the second one a titan and is just marker )

I’ve tried to merge straight essential lines with more figurative ones, especially in the one of the titan although I’ve basically started without a precise idea as usual, then as I was working I started to drive myself in that direction. Hope you like it