It’s Blitz !

Hello Folks!

Here’s a personal concept I did concentrating on developing an image containing multiple events going at the same time, in this case a shoot out, an explosion and general architectural destruction.

I used mixed techniques for this one, the head of the cyborg in the front for instance was done in Z-Brush then with some kit-bashing I duplicated and tweaked its form and repeated it to create its body. Hope you like.



Hello Folks!

For this work I decided to start from a quick blockmesh I did in maya, in about 20 min, then I passed it in photoshop, did some photo bashing and overpainting, developed the design of the scene further whilst keeping the basic foundations of the mesh, it was quite fun.

I decided to leave some tiny parts as pure paint strokes I thought it’d create some interesting contrasts, btw the name of this samurai is Pettirosso. Why? He can fly. 



Sci-Fi Blast – Matte Illustration –

Hello Folks! I’ve been practicing a little my matte painting skills recently and created a keyframe image which could be used as a base idea for a Sci-Fi shot. I used mainly texture photos and a bit of brushwork where needed to stitch the composition up. It’s been done in a day, in about 8 hours.

I started from a photo base I liked and built up on it. I also realised that’s the first time I post an image in this style on the blog, so I decided to go all out.