Mighty Paper Dragon & Wonky Paper Knight

Hello Folks!

These is some character design work I did inspired by the theme of papercraft, the first is a Mighty Paper Dragon! Ahem.. and the second one is supposed to be a valiant but a little bit.. Wonky Paper Knight! To realise such monstrosities I used coloured pencils on coloured pastel paper.


– WaterLady – Media Experimentation Frenziness –

Hello Folks !

Here’s a watercolour and gouache portrait that I’ve just done, I used gouache just for the highlights on her hair. Then I passed it on photoshop just to modify the right eye in a more essential way, so that’s the whole, weird process that I used.


Experimental Design !

Hello Folks!

This one is an experimental character design with some guys made out of paper, just played a bit with the idea. I used coloured pencils along with a black pastel for the hair of the first one on the left. Hope you enjoy it!