Paper Lion !

Hello Folks!

This is an experimental one done with a mixed technique on a A3 grained surface paper sheet with oil colours for the face, pencil for the body and collage for the brown geometrical forms around the area of the face.              Hope you’ll like it.


Knight Sketch Study


Hello everybody!

This is a quick sketch I made during a break in between my work routine, I tried to give a look a bit more scary to the second one but my drawings look always a bit funny. Hope you’ll like them!


Selected For The Art Exhibition: “True Colors”!

Hello folks!

I’m really excited to say that my works have been selected for the Digital Arts California exhibition: True Colors! I was asked if I was keen on sending some of my works there a couple of months ago so I did and now it feels nice to have somebody who believed in your work enough to give an award.

The link to my gallery at the on-line exhibition is HERE!

(while you’re in check out some of the other galleries, there are some serious artists out there!)