Jérard Doodle!

Hello folks!

It’s been a while since my last post I know! That’s because I’ve been super-busy working on an exciting couple of projects for Little Big Planet. BUT I want to redeem myself for the lack of posting so here we go! This portrait is done in Photoshop using loads of different brushes. Hope you guys like it.


Sentient Spaceship

Hello Folks!

Here’s my new post, and for the occasion I’ve decided to publish a little concept of a futuristic spaceship capable of having real thoughts and personality, which is given by the chemical compound inside its transparent capsule. It’s a mixture of super-complex and powerful biological and chemical elements that are so strong that the only way to control them is to imprison them inside that capsule. The substance also gives real form to the thoughts of the ship. (The ship has got an open-close mode). Hope you’ll like it!