Little Sailor – Watercolour Character Design –

Hello Folks!

Here’s a character I created with my watercolours for a series of visual development work I’m gonna do in the next few days, they’ll take place in a mysterious seaside town..!

Hope you like it



Watercolour – Chiaroscuro Sketch –

Hello Folks!

Here’s a watercolour sketch I’ve done in my spare time, I’m experimenting with the thickness and thinness of watercolours, combining them in different ways. You also get to see a close-up of my desk, yep best set up for some watercolouring action..

Hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Little Watercolour Sketches

Hello Folks!

Here’s a couple of watercolour sketches done during breaks in studio, they’re done on 4 x 8 Fluid Watercolour paper.

It’s quick and fun to work on such small sized papers, it’s ideal for quick sketches and the great thing is that you can keep the sketchbook in your pocket and venture outdoors to do some “en plain air” work, hope you like them.


Watercolour Dude


Here’s a watercolour portrait done on my new A3 watercolour cold pressed paper block, I thought that it would have been nice to post my process here!

But you guys have to forgive me because I thought of that almost half way through my painting so the first part with the just the pencil draft is missing. Anyways, hope you guys like it!